Hello, my name is AJ Clausen.      


I'm the florist, dance party enthusiast, and mediocre writer behind Femme + Fleur. For all of my life, Dallas has been my home, but traveling is the thing my heart seems to cling to the most.

Femme + Fleur is working as my creative outlet to document this wild and brash thing we call life.

My style is a bit different, always changing, growing, and never quite perfected. I tend to wear the things that make me feel the happiest and that doesn't always seem to line up with social norms.

I've been dating the same fearlessly wild guy for close to two years now. You'll see our endeavors and travels on here quite a bit. He's my best friend and my true partner in crime.

I can't wait for the newly terrifying adventures that this blog may take me on. I'd love to meet anyone who reads this, talk, and learn more about the people around us.