Missions have always been close to my heart. From local trips to the homeless shelter, to living in Thailand for a month, I thought I had this mission thing down. Then I went to Haiti. Haiti is a small island off of the Caribbean coast full of culture, love, and poverty. The people are living in some of the poorest slums I've ever experienced, they drink dirty water, and have little-to-no healthcare. I fell in love with this country hard. The way that hurts, the kind of love that makes you question all other loves.

Mission of Grace is an incredible foundation in Carries, Haiti, about 3 hours outside of Port Au Prince, the capital. They change lives, they leave no one behind, and the amount of ministries they have throughout the mountains ensures that everyone feels at home.

This ministry is always building, growing, and giving more people life through Jesus.  Anything helps, spreading the word, donating finances, or jumping on a plane to get in on the action yourself.

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